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Experience Norrland in our way! 

Join an active tasting trip with Norrland's unique food, culture and tradition.
We experience our genuine Norrland with the food and food culture. Our tasting trips take us to meet local producers who are passionate about their food craft. You will cook food together with a good chief or just have a nice dinner. We go to nice separated places close to nature. Nature speaks for itself, here is the peace and quiet and wilderness.
We create a memorable experience in the spirit of Norrland. A perfect trip for you who are interested in food and want to discover the unique places in northern Norrland.

Taste trip to Norrland 

A taste trip where you can enjoy and also learn how to cook northern delicacies, gain knowledge about the ingredients and enjoy the scenic environment. Here you get to experience how people eat and live in the north part of Sweden. In addition to food experiences, you will try activities according to the season 
You travel in a small group where Norrsmak's owners themselves are involved and guide you, together with well-selected partners on site.
Please contact us if you want to have more information or you like to plan att taste trip with your company or friends.

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Samarbetspartners i Norrland

Några av de utvalda partners som levererar mat & matupplevelser tillsammans med aktiviteter i genuin norrländsk anda!

Cold Adventures i Kalix

Tar oss på besök till Guldhaven Pelagiskas löjromsfabrik eller på löjromsafari.

Vi bor och äter gott på Skärgårdsudden, deras magiska plats vid kanten av Kalix älv.

Arctic Treats i Kalix

Skapar magiska praliner av norrländska råvaror och har också sin alldeles egna kåta där man får lära sig koka kaffe på riktigt.

Gröndals matupplevelser i Boden

Sebastian Gröndal är kock, kokboksförfattare, glasstillverkare och som värnar om det norrländska köket. 

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Norrsmak event & upplevelser belongs to the company Norrsmak Arcticus AB, org.nr 559261-4050. The owner Susanne Lundström is born and raised in Arjeplog,  far up in north parts, with long experience in the travel industry and as an owner of a good restaurant i Stockholm,
Do you need more information  please contact us at hej@norrsmak.se or give us a call, +46 761765016

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Vi som researrangör omfattas av resegarantin hos Kammarkollegiet.
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